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Contractors Solutions Inc.  Able Shop Works - Yes we can recondition anything or create it from scratch.
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We offer free support for every property service, for every neighborhood all around the Philadelphia area - commercial, industrial, institutional and residential. Handyman Services, Brick pointing, Brickwork and Block work, Stonework, Roofers, Gutter services, Landscaping, Patio & Porch Construction, Awnings, Above-ground Pools, Backyard Play Sets, Sheds, Garage Doors, Fences, Front & Back Doors, Windows, Trees & Landscape, Outdoor Lighting, Siding, Concrete Work, Deck Building, Painting, Driveways, Demolition, etc. A.V. Business Presentation Systems, LAN wiring, Network Design and Installation, Fiber Optic Network Installations. Cable and Wire Pullers, Industrial Power, Signs, Utility Poles and Sports Lights and Poles. Electrical Wiring Price List - Pricing Guide to estimate the cost of electrical installations for property improvements and renovations. LAN Wiring - Local Area Network and Tele-communication. New wiring, new design or quick service. Auditorium Lighting - New Lighting, Lighting Services, Added Lighting, Secondary Lighting, Stage Lighting. Bollard Lighting - Wide variety of Path and Walkway Lights with all sizes, lengths, colors, round and square. We Build Additions, Produce Home Improvements and Restorations. We Install Hardwood Floors, Stairs, and Railings. Assemble and install your backyard playhouse - swings, slide, tower, deck and steps. Playground equipment, playground safety items, playground landscape borders, mulching, planting, lighting, you name it. The Trade-Hands Network - Contractors Solutions Inc. We work with you, and we work for you. Do-it-yourself with our help, or just give us the whole job. We provide all the info by email - as you need it Designs, Plans, Photos, Sketches, Layouts, Alternative and especially the Costs. And we provide the Manufacturer Specifications. Know-how Labor Workers and Contractors. Contractors Resources, Contractors Network Services, Trade-Hands, Work-Crew, Able and Ready to Serve.