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Facts, Photos and Costs by Contractors Solutions Inc. Services for areas surrounding Philadelphia and Suburbs only.
Facts, Photos and Costs by Building Trade Professionals at Contractors Solutions Inc.
Property Information - Professional Documentation.
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Informative ESTIMATES with plenty of INFORMATION ... We Explain It!

Designs, Plans, Photos, Sketches,
Layouts and Costs.
Clear information from experts of the trade.

Code Violations and Hazardous Conditions.
Cost Breakdowns and Damage Assessments.
Cost Proposals from Various Companies. Factory Specifications.
Proof of poor workmanship and negligence.
Expansion Limitations.
Legal Facts for Safety Regulations.
Comparative Situations.
Property Trades Documentation.
Damage Explanations and facts for insurance claims.
"Know-How" Services for Bidding Presentations.

We stand behind our Facts.
Informative Sketches & Diagrams.
Project Consultation with Trade Professionals.

Here's How We Explain It !
Professional Presentations -
Nothing beats our single document with scanned-in sketches, photos, diagrams, quotes and notes gives you all the info needed at a glance. We also add: Pricing of materials, fixtures, equipment and labor by the trade professionals.

Our "In-Touch Circle" Network -
The information exchange provided by the building trades in our area for accurate information has enabled us to offer these services. Contractors Solutions Inc. is the network "hub" for email exchanges on every property topic.

Info-Source / Solutions Service -
Our office staff will work on your problem. Our skills for brief and to the point documentation gives you all the information needed at a quick glance.

Research Services -
We do the research on: Materials, Equipment, Engineering, Labor Pricing, Area Permit Info., Sub-Contractor Bids,
Hard-to-Find Items & Services, etc.

"INFO THAT JOB" Proposals to create the most informative and impressive proposal when bidding for jobs. We'll bid your prints or create new prints for the job you are bidding on.

Able Shop Works - Yes we can recondition anything or create it from scratch.