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Pressure tanks are also water pumps. Pressure tanks help regulate the pressure of the water as it comes into a home. Seasonal changes can alter the pressure of the water, such as when it is increased by snow melting in the spring. A water pressure tank helps keep the water flow steady year round. Sump pumps are also water pumps. Many home and business owners battle basement seepage issues. With excessive rain, flooding, or melting snow, water can become a troublesome nuisance as it collects indoors.
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The best way to remove water from a basement is with a sump pump. Similar to well water pumps, sump pumps have a blade that is spun by a motor. Sump pumps are usually installed in the wettest part of the basement by first inserting a sump bucket into the floor. This bucket sits below the floor level as water flows into it. The sump pump's motor turns on when the float inside the sump pump is triggered by the water level. The motor spins the blade, which pushes the water up the drain hose and out of the building or house. There are two different types of sump pumps. A submersible sump pump can be placed below the water line. A floor model sump pump, on the other hand, sits at floor level. Both water pumps work in the same manner, but submersible sump pumps handle larger quantities of water and can be fully submerged without any danger of electrical shortages. 

Pump tank assemblies feature stainless steel reservoirs and full sized valving. Custom engineered systems are available with single or double compartments and single or multiple pump assemblies, plus provisions for expansion or standby pumps. Centrifugal pumps with cast iron housings, bronze impellers and mechanical seals. Standard pump trim to include a full sized suction valve, discharge check valve, throttling valve, pressure gauge and gauge trim. Automatic make-up valve with splash guard for trouble-free level control.
Overflow and valve drain connections. High efficiency pump motors. There are a variety of system available for below level water. Airtight basin, sump pump with cover, sump pump with an alarm, battery backup pump and basement floor drain. Well pumps help push water from underground water sources through pipes leading to a home or business. Well water pumps come with various amounts of horsepower. The size of the home and the number of bathrooms and sinks it contains are important consideration when deciding which well pump to purchase. If a home has many water outlets, or if the well water pump is located a great distance from the bathroom, sink, or tub, the home will need a stronger well. Ask us about well water pumps, and pumps with more horsepower. Sump (Wet Well) If the water to be pumped is generally free of solids, there will be no build-up within the sump (wet well) in which the pumps are located, so the sump can be round or rectangular, vertical or horizontal and made from concrete or fiberglass. If the fluid has significant solids, especially fat, oil or grease (FOG), then a vertical, cylindrical sump is preferred.
The size and depth of the sump are determined by a number of factors (see below). By utilizing an upstream detention pond or storage vessels, flow into the sump can be regulated, thus reducing the storage requirement of the sump and reducing the size and number of pumps to do the job. When operating, the pumps create vortices in the water. This must be considered in selecting pump and sump sizes, so that pump efficiency is optimized for the vessel in which the pumps operate. Sometimes baffles are utilized to isolate multiple pumps from each other, thus preventing interference when two or more pumps are operating at the same time.
Baffles can be prefabricated of concrete or reinforced fiberglass. The exact locations, angles and sizes of influent and discharge lines, baffles and other items within the sump are predetermined and can be prefabricated in a complete package pump station. To reduce the need for field work to fit the influent and discharge lines to the sump, coring of concrete or fabrication of fiberglass is done at the factory. Flexible seals in all sump penetrations are also factory installed.
Depending on the type of sump, other equipment such as pump accessories and liquid level sensors can be factory-installed or field installed. The sump top includes the access hatch with fall protection. The hatch is fitted with hardware for fastening level sensor cables and other items such as a maintenance worker’s safety harness. Precast concrete sumps are delivered to the project site in sections. The base, one or more barrels or shaft sections and the top are fitted with sealing gaskets, lifted with a crane and stacked in alignment below ground to create the complete sump or wet well.

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