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Electrical Contractors for Quick Connect Generator Outlets - variety of systems and choices.
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We have - Low Cost Alternatives for Emergency Power during an outage.

For more info on: generator equipment, a reliable electrician, separating your essential circuits for a back up power gen-set. Call an our office, get the advice of a licensed electrician - for your your ideas. We can prepare your property economically for a power outage and emergency power all around Philadelphia.
Quick-Connect Generator Tap Box For Emergency Power.

Back Up Power - Generator Set-Ups,
Emergency Electrical Power Systems.

Electrical Contractors for Quick Connect Generator Outlets
with a variety of systems and choices. Sending you the all
the costs by email. Able Group Inc. of Havertown PA can
help you stay up and running during a power outage.
We'll create an efficient plan to keep your essential power supply running with an economical system.

    The Tow in Generator Set Up - This is for commercial businesses, industrial properties and facilities where a permanent power generator is not required.  Arrangements can be made through us for storm and severe weather warnings. The generator is brought over in advance by us or any rental company. The system works easily by a simple plug in and switch over system.

    The Portable Generator Set Up - This is for home owners with a store-away generator. 
    The system works easily by a simple plug is and switch over system.

    Ask us about the options.
    We'll explain some of the costs in providing the minimum amount of electrical power needed
    during an outage (also known as "essential loads").
    The power estimation for your property is based on essential loads such as;
    essential lighting and equipment, computers, furnace, refrigerator, etc.
    Heavier power items such as air conditioners may drain the system and shut it down.
    A portable system on wheels and will require a person who is familiar with a start up
    procedure (approx. 4 steps).

    We also can provide information on a permanent installation.

    Please e-mail me with your questions.
    I'll help size the unit for your purposes.
    I'll offer options to fit your budget - Thank You, Anthony Tori.

    Quick Response to your questions - (areas surrounding Philadelphia and Suburbs only).

    Avoid danger of back-feeding – Use a transfer switch
    If the generator is not properly wired into the home there is a danger of back-feeding electricity. This is very dangerous and could result in serious injury or death to anyone coming into contact with electric lines while working to restore power in an emergency. To provide this type of installation as safely as possible, a transfer switch must be installed that will break the connection to the electric company’s service when the generator is in use and, similarly, disconnect the generator connection normal power has been restored. This switch is normally located between your home’s main service panel and the power sources. Single phase electric service requires a two pole, double throw switch. Three phase service requires a three pole, double throw switch. Installation must be performed by a licensed electrician and must conform to the National Electric Code.

    Another good economical solution to a power outage is a portable generator. These are available with sound dampening jackets for quiet operation. Because they give off carbon monoxide, these generators can only be safely used outdoors away from open windows and can never be used in a garage or basement.

    A typical portable generator will run about seven hours on a tank of fuel so if you are expecting a long outage, you should have an adequate supply on hand.  An advantage to portable generators is they are very flexible. You can run power anywhere you can run an extension cord. But what you can't do is provide emergency power to a built-in refrigerator or an exhaust fan because there is no accessible power cord. Although a portable generator can produces 3000 watts of power, which is enough to light 30 100 watt light bulbs, this still may not be enough power in a lengthy outage. If you want to operate a microwave, a toaster, and a hair dryer all at the same time, that is about all a portable generator can handle.
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