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 Phase Converters generate 3-phase electricity with an active hybrid generator which runs on single phase power. This technology is utilized to ensure the greatest possible return on your investment in terms of life span and energy consumption. This provides a smooth waveform to ensure longevity of your equipment, as well as proper running operation.  Rotary Phase Converters are excellent for providing quality 3 phase power converted from single phase.

Electrical power, modifications, transformers and repairs for Commercial / Industrial Facilities.

 Two-Phase Electric Service?  Ask me about it. 

Ask me about the variety of applications: elevators, computers, pumps, welders, ovens, etc. A phase converter is a device that converts electric power provided as single phase to multiple phase or vice-versa. The majority of phase converters are used to produce three phase electric power from a single-phase source, thus allowing the operation of three-phase equipment at a site that only has single-phase electrical service. Phase converters are used where three-phase service is not available from the utility, or is too costly to install due to a remote location. A utility will generally charge a higher fee for a three-phase service because of the extra equipment for transformers and metering and the extra transmission wire. determine the size of phase converter you will need to power your equipment. Remember - using a larger phase converter than you currently need is safe, but one that is too small will not work. Ask us about why phase converters are selected: 3 phase power source, Phase Converter uses, Rotary Phase Converter and Static Converter.

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The ratio of the peak voltages and peak currents in the primary and secondary windings are determined by the ratio of the number of turns in the primary and secondary windings.  The latter ratio is usually called the turn ratio of the transformer.  If the secondary winding contains less turns than the primary winding, the peak voltage in the secondary circuit is less than that of the primary circuit.

Let me be your in-house electrician. 
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I make repairs to fused disconnects,
 magnetic motor starters, electromagnetically operated contacts, push buttons for equipment - start and stop.  I do the research needed for the connected motor load and particular control circuits with momentary contact devices.  Connections to the coil of the magnetic motor starter performs this start and stop function. A 3-pole full-voltage magnetic motor starter is made up of the following components: a set of stationary contacts, a set of movable contacts, pressure springs, a solenoid coil, a stationary electromagnet, a set of magnetic shading coils, and the moving armature.



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