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Basements, Basement Waterproofing, Basement Sump Pumps

The Basement Waterproofing Products we recommend have the extraordinary ability to permanently waterproof your basement or foundation for the life of the structure with a life time warranty.

Basement Dry Waterproofing
459 Olney Ave Bensalem, PA 19020
D & A Masonry Restoration Inc.
1361 Provident Rd Southampton, PA 18966
Houston & Smith Inc.
1824 W Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA 19130
Weatherproofing Specialties, D. Cook
105 1st Ave Broomall, PA 19008
Patrick Kane Masonry Restoration Inc.
3624 Solly Ave Philadelphia, PA 19136
Palmer Waterproofing Inc.
2175 Bennett Rd Philadelphia, PA 19116
Vulcan Basement Waterproofing
4722 Blakiston St Philadelphia, PA 19136
John Weber
4718 A St Philadelphia, PA 19120
WM Proud Masonry Restoration
13420-A Damar Dr. Philadelphia, PA 19116-1816


Basement flooding is a major problem for many homeowners.  If you have a basement, then you should absolutely do something to protect against leakage. Waterproofing your entire basement may seem like an unnecessary caution when you can just repair any small leaks when they form. I mean, what’s a little water on the floor or oozing down the walls, anyhow? This kind of leakage is always unpredictable. Water can come in from anywhere and cause significant to anything you happen to keep in the basement. Water can also damage surfaced or papered walls painted or carpeted floors, not to mention risk any valuables you keep in your basement. Repairing damage can cost far more then simple waterproofing. Imagine if you sprang a leak into your basement while you were out of town for two weeks and came back to a foot of water on your basement floor. The basement room in most houses is large, spacious and incredibly useful for storage at the very least. Often, basements are cooler in the summer then some of the above floors, generally less humid, and easier to heat or cool. With all these advantages, why risk having the entire room useless for days or weeks while damage is repaired and water is pumped out? While this repair is less expensive then most would think, it is still costly and takes its toll out on the usefulness of the room. It’s always better to prevent damage then to repair it after the fact.

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