Shine More Light on Your Parking Areas

When it comes to Parking Lot Lighting, Able Group is more than capable of completing the task. Our company provides lighting for Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional properties in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs(Tristate, Delaware Valley, PA, New Jersey, and Delaware). We can always help with an installation of a 20 ft. Pole with Adjustable Heads Bronze Flood Fixtures or a 25 ft. Pole with Double Head & Triple Head Lighting Fixtures. But here at Able Group we specialize in much more, such as mounting Surveillance Cameras to existing parking lot lighting poles, Trenching for Underground Power and electrical repairs below your Parking Lot asphalt, Playground or Ball Field Lighting, as well as Walkway and Pathway Lighting. And for locations and companies such as Dealerships, Commercial Properties, Shopping Centers, Strip Centers, Movie Theaters, Shopping Malls and many others seeking Lighting and Signage Repairs Able Group can also get the job done. While we offer a wide range of services, one you may be interested in is electrical repairs and upgrades which is something we offer to locations such as fuel stations, community centers, schools, office complexes, A House of Worship, and most other public facilities. Specific repairs(may include replacements) we can help with are Facility
lighting, Vehicular, Wind and Storm Pole Damage, and Photo Control Lighting Activation and much more. And with over 35 years of Quick & Honest Electrical Service you can count on us for simple routine maintenance and a quick response for damages, outages and tripping circuit breakers. Not to mention with the popularity of LED lighting you can count on us to help with that too. We specialize in Energy Efficient LED Lighting Fixtures, LED drivers and driverless lamps. As well as LED Retrofit Conversions such as corn-cob lighting installations and we also have a wide selection of Kelvin color and of course LED parking illumination. And if you're looking for Canopy lighting improvements we also offer LED outline lighting, along with other various lighting upgrades. Although Able Group is more than capable of handling any new installations, relocations or upgrades you may require for parking lot lighting , that's only a small portion of what our company can help you with. Just about anything you might need in a regard to parking lot lighting, we can help with. We have Used lighting equipment fixtures and poles for sale if you’re looking to same some money. Plus we can also match your existing lights, examples include shoebox, cobra head, and bullhorn lights, and we can do this for steel, aluminum, and wooden lighting poles. Now if you already have an existing fixture and just need some help maintaining it, you are in luck because we can do that too. With our high reach bucket trucks we can fix lighting poles with
ease. And anything you might need in this regard like adding flood lights to existing lighting Poles, Lighting Inspections, and Lighting evaluations for code required illumination are able to be done when needed. By now you have seen how much the Able Group has to offer when it comes to any of your Parking lot lighting needs. But never forget all the other little things we can help with in this regard like reconditioning for lighting poles(DTM coating for weather beaten poles), temporary power for parking slots, aerial cables, and underground power location services. Not to mention our economic problem solving and solutions for what you already have. And when it comes to all of our services you can count on details, information, sketch layouts, consultations & costs by email all in the next day. If you are
interested in anything we have to offer please contact us for prices, details, and any other questions you might have.

Essential Parking Lot Lighting