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Facility Services By
Able Group Inc

Auditorium & Gymnasium Lighting. High Reach Lighting Services, House of Worship, Public Facility, Stage, Retro-Fit to LED.

Ultimate Commercial Ceiling Installations.

Community Street & Neighborhood Lights Poles. Public Area Lighting, Playground, Ball Field or Court HOA Bucket Truck Services.

Transformers. Transformer Vaults, Electrical Bollard Poles, Aerial, XFMR, Cleaning, Voltage Recording, Step Up, Step Down, Buck-Boost.

Equipment Movers. Commercial & Industrial Machines Relocated. Electrical & Mechanical Disassembly and Transport-Rigging & Hauling.

Electrical Heat Trace and Pipe Insulation.

Ice & Snow Melting Systems for Driveways, Walkways & Ramps.

Proper Industrial Facility Line Painting.

Electrical Heaters: Repair Service & New Installations: Units, Costs, Type & Sizes. Air Curtain, Mechanical & Lobby Areas.

Quick Response Lighted Signage Service, LED Conversions, Installers for Signs, Banners or any High Reach.

Parking Lot Equipment, Motorized Gates, Repairs, Replacement and Speedy Damage Services.

Parking Lot Lighting Services, LED Conversions, Quick Response & Economical High Reach Services.

Parking Lot Barrier Arm, Motorized Gates, Card Readers, Sensor Loop, Entry Keypad, Security Equipment.

Thru-wall Air Conditioners. Cut through any Wall or Roof. Units installed at difficult locations.

Underground Power Installations and Services.


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Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Public Facility Buildings all around Philadelphia and New Jersey Shore Points.

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